Monday, May 19, 2014

About me

I still remember the first time I made a dessert.  I was about ten years old and I made no-bake cookies, which turned out to be such a hit that I made them again and again.  Once I became confident enough to try to make something else, I became addicted to the process of creating things people liked to eat!  Until a few years ago I didn’t give much thought to whether something was healthy or was all about how good the food tasted.  That all changed when I began to work at a local health food store and saw how many health issues people were dealing with as a result of too many unhealthy foods.  There  were also those who had dairy intolerance, gluten and wheat allergies, and of course a concern I heard all too often was from those who were trying to reduce, substitute, or eliminate sugar from their diets.

       At the same time, the other complaint I commonly heard was that healthy desserts could never taste as good as all the naughty foods they were used to eating.  That’s when it occurred to me...why should healthy foods have to taste, well, healthy?  Inspired by that thought, I found a new challenge.  I didn't want to just be creative with making desserts that people would enjoy, I also wanted to make healthier options that could convince even the most skeptical critics how delicious healthy food could be.

       What I hope you’ll find here is a fun, interactive blog that can assist you in looking for healthy tips and tricks, deliciously decadent recipes, and also alternatives to those recipes to help those who have allergies, health concerns, or who are just looking for a healthier option to a sweet treat!   

       I’m ALL about the 90% healthy, 10% bad concept! So every Monday you will find a healthy recipe  that can start your week off on the right note.  But once Friday finally rolls around?  There will be a NAUGHTY treat waiting for you every week.  

       Enjoy and spread the delicious goodness on to others!

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