Monday, October 13, 2014

Gluten-Free Dark Mocha Cupcake

       Let's face it, some things just go together, like peanut butter and jelly or rock and roll.  Another one of those perfect combinations?  Chocolate and coffee!  I’m a sucker for a good chocolate cupcake and not only is this recipe gluten-free, it’s also one of the moistest and most delicious I’ve made yet.  I mean, c'mon, how can you not love a moist chocolate cupcake and a rich coffee frosting?!  I truly hope you enjoy this recipe!        

You'll need:
1 cup sugar 

1/2 cup brown sugar 

2 tsp xanathan gum 

1 ½ tsp baking powder 

1 ½  tsp baking soda 

1 teaspoon salt 

1/2 cup coconut oil 

2 large eggs 

1 cup buttermilk 

1 tbsp vanilla extract 

2 tsp butter flavor 

1 cup of hot water 

Makes 12 large cupcakes

       Preheat the oven to 350°F.  Prepare two jumbo six-cup muffin tins by greasing. 
       In a medium bowl, combine the sugars, flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.
       In a separate bowl, whip together coconut oil, eggs, buttermilk, butter flavor, and vanilla.  Then slowly add the liquid to the dry ingredients until both mixtures are fully combined.  Next, fold in the chocolate chips.
       Add hot water to the batter and mix well, until the batter is thin.  Pour evenly into the prepared muffin pans and bake for about 25–30 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. 
       Once the cupcakes have finished baking, allow to cool for about five minutes in the pans before transferring to a cooling rack.

       After they have completely cooled, core out the centers with either a coring tool or a butter knife. Then it's time to frost them!
Mocha Butter Cream Frosting 

1 8oz block of Kerrygold Salted Butter 

3 cup powdered sugar 

1 tsp vanilla extract 

2 tsp instant espresso  

3 tbsp heavy whipping cream      

       In a bowl using an electric mixer, cream the butter until its smooth. Add in one cup of powdered sugar and cream together until the butter is thick and crumbly. 
       In a small cup, dissolve the espresso into one tablespoon of heavy cream and the vanilla extract.  Whip the espresso mixture into the butter.  Add in another cup of  powdered sugar followed by one tablespoon of heavy whipping cream.  Repeat this step, using the last of the cream and sugar.  The extra steps are well worth it because the finished result will be an AMAZING mocha frosting that pairs perfectly with the dark chocolate cupcake.

       *Brian’s note:  Don’t skip the Kerrygold butter!  I’m not saying that this recipe won’t still be absolutely delicious without it, but the Kerrygold really takes it over the top and gives it an incredible flavor.
       Fill and frost the cooled cupcakes.  Then serve and enjoy!

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