Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mango Coconut Cream

Mango  Coconut Cream Custard
   I thought I'd post this as a standalone recipe since I have been using it in quite a few of my recipes recently.  I originally used this cream as a filling in my Creamy Mango Banana Muffins. But I’m one of those people who once I find a flavor that I fall in love with, I will then find as many different ways as I can to use it by combining with different flavors to create new recipes. 
   Fun fact: some of my friends seem to think this is a custard so they eat it right off the spoon for dessert!  This cream is extremely versatile so get creative and then leave a comment to let us know your favorite way to use it. 
I hope you enjoy!

12oz cream cheese

1 cup freshly cut mango

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp orange flavor

1 tsp salt

2 ¾  powdered sugar

4 tbsp tapioca starch
       In a bowl, cream together cream cheese and mango. Whip in one cup of the powdered sugar, then add the extracts, salt, and the remaining powdered sugar.  Whip in the tapioca starch then transfer to a medium saucepan.
       Stir mixture over medium-low heat until it begins to heat.  Gradually turn the heat up until the mixture comes to a boil and thickens into a custardy texture.  Remove from heat and allow to cool before using.

Stores nicely in the fridge for several weeks.

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